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Fintech Sectors We Serve

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Digital Lending

In 2020, the Digital Lending Market was worth $311.06 billion, and it is predicted to grow to $587.27 Billion by 2026. The benefits given by digital solution providers are progressively paving the way for the adoption of digital lending solutions and services by individuals and companies alike. This industry boom has led to the need for professionals qualified to handle:

• Portfolio Management,
• Lending Consultancy,
• Asset or Security Lending,
• Lending Compliance and
• Credit Analysis

Personal Finance

With more people venturing into the entrepreneurial landscape and exploring investment opportunities than ever before, personal finance has never been more crucial to the growth of the FinTech space. From monthly budgets to managing debt, people are looking to professionals for help, leading to an abundance in the need for: 

• Financial Advisors,
• Equity Researchers,
• Financial Analysts and
• Product Managers

The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency has never been brighter. Over the past 2 years, cryptocurrency has provided people, especially millennials, with an innovative investment opportunity. In fact, 2021 saw Bitcoin hit an all-time high, and this industry is only expected to grow exponentially. Supplement your team with professionals with unparalleled knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchains, including:

• Blockchain Engineers,
• Platform Engineers, 
• Blockchain Strategists,
• Data Analysts and
• Blockchain Security Engineers

Capital Markets

Capital markets have always been at the heart of the FinTech industry, allowing individuals to raise capital by trading shares, bonds and venture into other long-term investment opportunities. The recent economic situation has been hard on the capital market, meaning only the most knowledgeable, resilient and persistent professionals can add value to your company. We can help you recruit qualified professionals to augment your team, including: 

• Investor Relations Managers,
• Investment Bankers,
• Market Analysts,
• Portfolio Analysts and
• Private Placement Strategists


Over the last decade, FinTech has revolutionized the way people make payments. This switch to hyper-fast and hyper-secure payments calls for a solid foundation in terms of backend support and regulatory framework. Institutions also have to be quick to adapt to changes in the economic landscape, especially during these volatile times, in which users prioritize convenience above all else, and are more likely to favor mobile payments over traditional cash payments. You can achieve this industry standard only by employing the services of the most qualified professionals for: 

• Payment Security Compliance
• Payment Analysts
• Payment Program Managers
• Account Executives
• Payment Managers
• Payment Staff Engineers or Architects 

Digital Wealth Management

The digital integration of wealth management has enabled an unprecedented shift toward value generation, fully powered by technological advancements. Digital wealth management is also becoming more accessible and hyper-personalized, as it is shifting to cater to patrons with accounts and portfolios of all sizes. We can help your company serve clients in need of digital wealth management by connecting you with professionals trained to be:

• Wealth Advisors,
• Business Analysts.
• Investment Advisors,
• Financial Representatives and
• Banking Strategy and Transformation Executives

Regulatory Technology

Financial services have long been governed by a plethora of rules and regulations. Financial institutions are turning to innovative technological solutions in an effort to alleviate the huge and ever-increasing weight of these legal words. The current legal systems of banks are ill-suited to satisfy the rigorous criteria increasingly imposed by regulators throughout the world. Regulatory technology provides a smooth solution for financial institutions to satisfy these regulations without having to completely revamp their existing models. Regulatory technology is set to be the future of compliance management and regulatory risk reduction, and we can help your company thrive by helping you recruit professionals trained as:

• Payment Security Compliance
• Payment Analysts
• Payment Program Managers
• Account Executives
• Payment Staff Engineers or Architects 

The insurance business is being disrupted by the emergence of fintech, changing customer behavior, and new technology. Furthermore, insurtechs and digital companies are redefining the consumer experience with innovations including risk-free underwriting, on-the-spot purchase, activation, and claims processing. Given the development and purchasing trends in emerging economies, insurers who provide flexible term products and grasp digital distribution without sacrificing underwriting are most likely to succeed. We can help you do just that by helping you recruit professionals trained as:

• Underwriting,
• Loan Processors,
• Insurance Case Managers,
• Benefits Advisors and
• Claims Analysts 


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